Internship is one of the most important aspects of training for a homeopath. It is essential to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. Therefore internship needs to complement the theory in the sense that supervisors must be proficient in the theory that the student was taught. A smooth transition from theory to internship then this is the best for gaining trust and certainty in treating patients with classical homeopathy.

From an organisational point of view, arranging for proper internship can be quite a daunting task. Several methods are being used in different schools and colleges:

Group internship

The school arranges patients who do not mind to be treated when being watched by a group of students. Several students watch a fellow student doing the anamnesis. Every student works out the cases and this is discussed by the group later on. This is efficient from a point of view of finding patients for all the student to see, but efficiency is very poor. Consider the following example: if out of a group of 10 students one student treats a patient, the other nine have only been watching, and couldn’t practise their own skills. This type of internship is not very useful for gaining actual clinical skills.

Case internship

Some schools have students find patients to treat and send in the written anamnesis to a teacher. The teacher then reads the written information and replies with feedback. This system is clearly very easy to implement because the student can plan consultations by themselves and send in the cases when convenient. However, there is a big problem in this system because a lot of (non-verbal) communication is probably missing. The teacher who reads the consultation did not see how the student acted during the consultation, how he or she asked questions, what the reactions were of the patient, etc. Also, underlining by the student cannot be verified by the teacher, because it is very easy for students to learn the wrong habits during anamnesis. This method is not preferred by us.

Individual internship

According to us, the best form of internship is when the student is guided by an experienced supervisor who is present during the anamnesis. The supervisor can experience first-hand how the student acts and reacts during the consultation and can provide solid feedback and guidance both on how the student has performed during the consultation, but also how best to treat the patient with classical homeopathy. This system is the one we prefer in our centre, although it is the most difficult to organise.

In order to provide good quality standards, our centre can provide a course on how to become a good supervisor. Supervisors can follow a plan and become part of a community of qualified supervisors.

The course we offer can improve the abilities to supervise, both regarding content (knowledge of homeopathy) and coaching (providing feedback, etc.). If you are interested to become a certified local supervisor please contact us.