Degree / certification

The Educational Center for Classical Homeopathy is a center that fulfils all requirements from several Dutch national homeopathic associations, the Dutch tax services and the European Council for Classical Homeopathy, so we are fully accredited from the essential Dutch associations.

Accreditation of the course in each country depends on rules and regulation in the country where the course is given. When possible and applicable, our center will stay in contact with homeopathic associations or other organisations to inquire about possibilities in order to meet the necessary requirements. Within our possibilities, our aim is to meet any standards.

Please bear in mind that the duration of the course is about 3 years. Many things can change in that period.

After successfully finishing our course you will get a degree from our centre. This degree will prove you have learned the principles of classical homeopathy and how to apply them in an actual clinical setting. Being able to practice homeopathy with this degree depends on local laws and regulations. Please be sure to adhere to the local laws where relevant.

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