Daan Alers

Daan works as a classical homeopath in Noorden, a charming village near the Nieuwkoopse Plassen. His journey into homeopathy began early, influenced by his parents’ homeopathy practice which has been in existence for nearly four decades.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in medicine from Leiden University and a master’s degree in philosophy from Vrije Universiteit, Daan explored various roles in the IT sector within healthcare before fully dedicating himself to homeopathy.

At the Opleidingscentrum voor Klassieke Homeopathie (OCKH), Daan plays an instrumental role in developing e-learning modules about homeopathic remedies and contributing to a materia medica project. His commitment to education extends to guiding students through their practical assignments, both paper and video cases, and providing mentorship during their internships.

Daan’s expertise and diverse background makes him a highly valued advisor for the OCKH. Furthermore, his active involvement with the Nederlandse Organisatie van Klassiek Homeopaten (NOKH) reflects his commitment to improving the standards and recognition of homeopathy in alternative care.

Collaborating closely with his parents in their longstanding practice, Daan benefits from a wealth of experience, which he brings to his consultations. Regular collaborative discussions with Rob Willemse enhance both their approaches, ensuring comprehensive and well-rounded care for their patients.

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