Annet Bos

Annet is an experienced healthcare professional who uniquely combines her knowledge of nursing and homeopathy. Her career in healthcare began with a solid foundation in nursing, where she gained valuable experience in departments such as gastroenterology, cardiology, and oncology. Driven by her desire for further development, she studied for a Master of Advanced Nursing Practice, qualifying her as a Nurse Practitioner.

Annet became fascinated with homeopathy following a personal experience that introduced her to the holistic approach of this method of treatment. Inspired by this experience, she successfully completed a four-year program at the Opleidingscentrum Klassieke Homeopathie (OCKH), significantly expanding her expertise in classical homeopathy. Annet is a fervent advocate for continuous professional development and remains committed to further education in both the medical and homeopathic fields. She is a member of the Nederlandse Organisatie van Klassiek Homeopaten (NOKH)..

In her current role, Annet combines her extensive experience as a Nurse Practitioner with her homeopathy practice. She is a strong proponent of an integrated approach to care, bringing together the principles of conventional medicine and homeopathy.

At the Classical Homeopathy Training Center, Annet plays a key role in guiding students. She supports them in preparing papers and research assignments and during their internships.

Annet’s dual expertise as a Nurse Practitioner and homeopath makes her an inspiring example of the possibilities of integrated medicine.

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