New video about the ECCH

Video impression of the homeopathy course at the Educational Center for Classical Homeopathy

We created a video that will give you an impression of studying at the Educational Center for Classical Homeopathy. This gives you the possibility to study homeopathy at an international school. Also you can see and hear what some of the current students have to say about our course! We hope you enjoy the video and if you have some questions please let us know. Or use this form to enroll in the course

Can only Swedes enroll in the homeopathy course?

Perhaps you are wondering if studying our homeopathy course in Sweden is restricted to Swedish citizens? Because of the blended learning concept, it is quite easy to study this course, even if you are not from Sweden.

Why should you study homeopathy?

Perhaps you might wonder why you should become a homeopath? Well, on this page we have collected a few articles with reasons why it is good to study homeopathy

Keep in touch!

If this article has sparked your interest in the course, you can always keep in contact by subscribing to the newsletter, sending us an email or enroll in the course.

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