Start of a new course in Sweden

Good news! We start with a new class in Sweden!

We are glad that we have started with a new enthusiastic group for the 3-years course in Sweden. If you would like to participate in this new group, we have good news: there are still some possibilities! Of course you can also participate when you are not from Sweden
If you decide to study homeopathy, please join our new group in Norrköping and fill in the enrolment form. It’s not too late to start!

Goda nyheter! Vi startar en ny klass i Sverige!

Du har fortfarande möjlighet att delta i den nya internationella utbildningen till klassisk homeopat.
Det är en gedigen och genomarbetad utbildning som gör dig redo att arbeta med världens roligaste och mest tillfredsställande yrke!
Tveka inte! Kontakta oss idag så berättar vi mer.

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