Monique Cornelissen

Monique’s journey in the field of animal homeopathy is a testament to her passion for animal welfare and her dedication to holistic healing practices. After completing her HEAO-Communication degree and gaining valuable experience in the corporate world, Monique decided to pursue her true calling – working with animals. She embarked on this path by enrolling in the 4-year Classical Homeopathy for Animals program in Amersfoort in 2003, complementing her studies with two years of practical experience as a veterinary assistant in a clinic in Veldhoven.

Upon graduating, Monique eagerly established her own practice, Inacht, specializing in homeopathy for animals. Her practice thrives on the joy and fulfillment she finds in witnessing the positive changes classical homeopathy can bring to animals’ lives.

Recognizing a gap in educational resources for pet owners, Monique ventured into organizing courses aimed at educating them. These courses focus on making pet owners more aware and adept at recognizing early signs of distress or illness in their pets, thereby improving the animals’ overall quality of life.

In addition to running her practice and educational initiatives, Monique is actively involved with the Beroepsvereniging Klassieke Homeopathie voor Dieren (BKHD). Monique regularly organizes continuing education courses for the Beroepsvereniging Klassieke Homeopathie voor Dieren (BKHD) and actively contributes to various aspects of the association. Her collaboration extends to working closely with the editorial team of Vedias, the professional association for paraveterinary veterinary assistants, where she has played a significant role for a considerable time.

Moreover, Monique manages the administration for the Opleidingscentrum voor Klassieke Homeopathie, bringing her organizational skills and attention to detail to the forefront of this role.

Monique’s diverse contributions to the field of animal homeopathy and her dedication to both animals and their owners underscore her commitment to advancing the practice and understanding of homeopathic care.

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